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GeoTech SA Personnel is highly skilled and trained with several years of experience in data collecting, processing and evaluation. The Company has the capability of immediate mobilization in any part of the country as well as abroad.

All the services are provided in a very proffessional and safe manner . Some of the services that GeoTech SA offers are the following:

  • Wireline Services: Water wells- Geothermal wells - Cased Hole - Slick Line
  • Perforating: all types of Perforating
  • Pipe Recovery: Free Point, Stuck Pipe Log, Fish Finder Log, Temperature-Noise Log, Back-off, Radial Cutting Torch, Explosive Jet Cutters, Chemical Cutters, Severing tools, Split Shots, Junk Shots, Shoot Circulation holes, Fishing and Installation of MWD tools
  • Coil & Well Testing
  • Surface Surveys: Geophysical surveys
  • Pile Testing: Pile Integrity Testing (PIT)


83 Perigiali P.O. ΒΟΧ 1431,     Tel. 2510231852
65201 Kavala                        Fax. 251062095



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