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The entire range of Geotech equipment is available on a service basis operated by our own highly-trained personnel.

GeoTech SA field crews are experienced in data-processing, interpretation and equipment maintenance and are capable of prolonged service logging operations with minimum outside support.

These contracting services can be very cost-effective in situations where a project does not warrant the purchase of equipment and the necessary back-up facilities.


  • Determination of water quality
  • Indication of permeable zones and porosity
  • Fluid salinity
  • Location of zones of different water quality
  • Temperature gradient
  • Water-level determination
  • Location of grout behind casing
  • Temperature compensation of other logs
  • Flow measurement within a water well
  • Location of permeable zones
  • Casing leak detection
  • Location of aquifers
  • Contamination studies
  • Porosity measurement
  • Detection of cavities and missing cement around casing
  • Video inspection
  • Lithology
  • Density
  • Bed thickness and boundary location
  • Ash content in coal
  • Strata correlation between boreholes
  • Moisture determination in coal
  • Resolution of seam partings
  • Ore identification and quality
  • Indication of mineralization, particularly of disseminated sulphides
  • Verticality measurements in steel casing or in the presence of magnetic ores
  • Azimuth and orientation of the borehole
  • Rock strength and elasticity
  • Correction of seismic velocity
  • Fracture and permeability indication in hard rock
  • Location of poor or missing cement behind casing
  • Detection of weathered or fractured zones
  • Ground compaction studies


Electric Log (ELOG)
Fluid Temperature / Conductivity (TCGS)
Three-Arm Caliper (CALIPER)
Borehole Video Inspection Systems (CAMERA)
Dual Focussed Induction (DUIN)
Verticality (BDVS)
Gyroscopic Verticality (GYRO)
Neutron (NNTS)
Impeller Flowmeter (FLOWMETER)
Focussed Electric (Guard Log)
Water Quality (WQS)
Sidewall Density and Density/Guard (FGSV)
Full-Waveform Compensated Sonic (FWVS)
Natural Gamma (NGSV)
Water / Gas Sampler (WGVS)
High-Resolution Acoustic Televiewer (HIRAT)
Borehole Optical Televiewer (OPTV)


Samples - photos

Data Recording and Processing

Data for each logging run are recorded, stored digitally, and monitored in real time using the Robertson Geologging software. Measurements are performed and recorded on downhole and uphole logging runs. However, the downward measurements are taken only when a probe with temperature sensor is used.



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