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GeoTech SA provides a full range of perforation methods to help optimize your production.

Through Tubing and Casing perforating, can accommodate diameters ranging from 1.375’’-to 4 1/2’’. Our Gun systems including expendable strip carrier, retrievable tubing gun, and expendable hallow carrier guns allow us to accommodate your perforating needs.

Tubing Conveyed Perforating, used with coiled tubing is able to perforate long intervals using high-pressure differentials while also allowing for vertical and horizontal intervention.

Rig Environmental Detonators, GeoTech SA uses advanced electro-explosives devices that are designed specifically for use with perforating guns and other explosive devices where a pressure resistant detonator is required. Enhanced safety characteristics allow



  • High Performance Scalloped Guns System
  • Through Tubing Guns
  • RF Safe Detonator System
  • Gamma Ray Shooting Correlations Log






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