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GeoTech SA operates a modern fleet of Coiled Tubing Units with sizes ranging from 1” to 1 and 3/4”, the tubing is injected into vertical and horizontal wells to perform various servicing operations. Coiled Tubing operations are supported by the latest computerized technology to study the feasibility and safe execution of interventions, as well as record keeping and pipe data management to assure and provide the highest quality service delivery. The Coiled Tubing service applications include:



  • Fluid Circulation and/or Displacement ,
  • Cementing remedial operations ,
  • Well Stimulation and damage removal ,
  • Scale Removal and inhibition ,
  • Nitrogen Lifting and well unloading ,
  • Sand Cleanout and Wellbore Cleaning ,
  • Fishing,
  • Milling




Well Testing




  • Surface Well Testing
  • Surface and Bottom Hole Sampling
  • Reservoirs Studies
  • EPF





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