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GeoTech ‘s  Mud Logging services combine leading-edge technology, together with skilled and highly trained personnel with several years of experience on the geology sector. This service, through a series of strategically placed sensors, provides measurements of various physical and chemical properties of mud, which is circulating through the drill pipe; also provides measurements of hydrocarbons coming out of drilled formations along with the mud.

Geotech's Mud Logging Unit is available on a service basis with the absolute goal to be, efficiency, safety and quality.


  • observation and microscopic examination of drill cuttings,
  • evaluation of gas hydrocarbon and its constituents,
  • basic chemical and mechanical parameters of drilling fluid or drilling mud,
  • as well as compiling other information about the drilling parameters, such as
  1. rate of penetration (ROP) of the bit),
  2. pump rate,
  3. pump pressure,
  4. weight on bit,
  5. drill string weight, rotary speed,
  6. rotary torque,
  7. RPM (Revolutions Per Minute),
  8. SPM (Strokes Per Minute)
  9. mud volumes,
  10. mud weight and
  11. mud viscosity.


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